Volume 27: New Xtime Spectrum Features

New Xtime Spectrum Features

Learn about the newest features from Xtime Spectrum—a fully integrated, cloud-based system to create an outstanding ownership experience. We introduced new features this quarter for Schedule, Engage, Invite and Inspect that help you make faster and better decisions for your customers.


  • Set default service interval in time or mileage
  • Create audiences based on Next Service Due date or mileage




  • Create carryovers for future appointments
  • New Cancel button in the Workbook filter
  • Enhanced Appointment Confirmation page
  • Xtime User Profile improvements


  • New Engage Application available for iPads
  • Chrome Voice to Text with Surface Pro 4




  • Last Parts Quote viewer visible on Parts Dashboard
  • Notifications sent when parts are ready for estimate or pick up

Is this what you think customer retention look like?


When it comes to earning repeat business, it takes a lot more than donuts.

Xtime Spectrum lets you create a superior customer experience at every touchpoint for greater customer retention and long-term profitability.*



lost souls recaptured each month



additional ROs each month



increased service retention



in additional revenue for each inspected RO

Discover how you can drive more fixed ops revenue at your dealership with Xtime Spectrum.

Book a demo or call (888) 463-3888 for more info.

Digital Dealer 22 a Success, More Events Coming Soon


Thank you to everyone who visited Xtime at Digital Dealer 22 in Tampa, Florida, in April! Xtime’s booth enjoyed heavy traffic—86 visitors total during the three-day event.

Jim Roche, Xtime’s SVP of Marketing & Managed Services, gave a compelling presentation, “The Connected Ownership Experience: A $99 Billion Opportunity,” earning him a score of 3.87 out of 4 and ranking him as one of the top speakers of the event.

Meet Xtime Near You
In case you missed Digital Dealer, Xtime will be featured at various upcoming events, including:

  • VinWorx 2017, where Jim Roche will be a featured speaker. VinWorx will be held July 10-13 in Kansas City, Missouri. For more information or to register, go to www.vinsolutions.com/vinworx.
  • The National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers (NAMAD) will take place July 11-14 in Miami Beach, Florida. For more information or to register, please visit http://www.namad.org/2017-conference.
  • Jim Roche will also once again be a featured speaker at the 2017 Fixed Ops Conference November 13-15 in Las Vegas. Visit http://fixedopsmag.com/fixed-ops-conference-2017 to learn more or secure your spot today.

We hope to see you at one of these exciting events! But you don’t have to wait for the next conference to learn more about why Xtime offers the industry leading service experience platform. Go to www.meetxtime.com and book a demo anytime!

Service Star: Stadium Nissan

Convenience is at the forefront of a superior customer experience in today’s business world. The key differentiator, according to Andrew Franiel, General Manager and Managing Partner of Stadium Nissan in Calgary, Alberta, is having solutions that put the power in the hands of the customers. Xtime was eager to learn more about how Stadium Nissan’s implementation of Xtime Spectrum boosted customer loyalty through convenience and strong customer engagement.

Add it Up!


Average RO


Retention Rate


Show Rate

Retention based on repair orders December 2015 through February 2017; Show rate and average repair order values as of February 2017.

How Did You Hear About Xtime?

I’ve been in the auto industry a long time and was already familiar with Xtime, but I first started using Xtime’s solutions when I came to Stadium Nissan in March of 2014. I’ve worked with competitors’ solutions in the past, but because of Xtime’s relationship with Nissan Canada, we chose Xtime to help us at this dealership.

What was the initial reason you implemented Xtime? What issues were you trying to solve?

Stadium Nissan started with just Schedule, but when we saw how the product interfaced with our existing systems, we realized quickly that Xtime really was the best choice for allowing customers to interact with our service department twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We now use all of Xtime’s solutions to help us in many different ways, from scheduling appointments to ensuring the best inspections in the service drive.

What was your experience with the integration of Xtime? Did you feel that you had good hands-on training with the solutions?

The Xtime integration team and everyone else we worked with throughout the implementation—from upgrading our existing services to adding additional solutions—were first-rate. Xtime is by far the best team and the best partner of anyone I’ve worked with in the auto industry. Our day-to-day support is second-to-none, and everyone I’ve worked with really knows what they’re doing.

We don’t actually call Xtime with problems because the system doesn’t have any. Anytime we’ve added additional services or changed anything in our solutions platform, the Xtime team has been so knowledgeable. This is actually quite a unique experience—you don’t get that kind of attention or level of knowledge from any other vendor.

Your dealership’s utilization rate is 100% and your retention rate is 71%.* How have the Xtime solutions made the service technicians’ and other staff members’ jobs easier? What problems did Xtime solve for them?

I think that what Xtime solves for Stadium Nissan is that we are able to tie all business operations back to what is best for the customer. On a traditional appointment booking system, there are always communication barriers due to service advisors not adding all the details, whereas when customers book appointments at their leisure, their thoughts are clear and concise—they enter all kinds of valuable information that makes a service tech’s job much, much easier. We can then pull from that information when we have a face-to-face interaction with the customer and be armed with all the data we need to ensure we’re addressing the customer’s concerns because they gave it to us before they even arrived in the service lane. When customers use their own expertise and put into their own detailed words the problems they are experiencing with their cars, our “fix-it-the-first-time” rate increase exponentially.

As of February 2017, Stadium Nissan had a show rate of 93.2% and an average repair order of $365 per customer. How do you feel Xtime has contributed to this success?

We book typically about a quarter of our business online using Xtime’s platform. It’s self-service for our customers, and we could not have grown our business if it weren’t for our customers. I cannot tell you how many positive comments and emails I get from customers who say that being able to interact with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week has changed the way they view car service. They’re always amazed at how many things outside of a transitional system are available to them.

What would you say to a dealership that is hesitant to implement Xtime?

Most dealerships think they know the answers and have all the solutions they need already. I’ve used competitive products myself, so I can say with confidence that you won’t find anything on the market quite like Xtime Spectrum. The level of service we as an Xtime partner receive is unrivaled. If I text our Xtime support representative on Sunday evening, I get a response almost immediately—and I’m in a different time zone! I’ve contacted people at Xtime at all times of the day, including some obscene hours, and I always hear back right away.

The process of implementing Xtime’s solutions was just as important to us at Stadium [Nissan] as the solutions themselves. We can actually enhance and modify the systems to our needs. For example, we’ve customized pricing, menus and many other things in our three years with Xtime, which you think would cause issues but never does. The level of support we get from Xtime is unmatched. If we want something done, it gets done—each time, every time. The investment a dealership makes is minimal, the risk is small and the reward is immeasurable. If you just take the plunge, Xtime will do the rest.

*Metrics as of February 2017

Xtime, Cox Automotive Give Back to the Community

In addition to delivering solutions to help dealerships obtain and retain customers, Xtime also encourages teambuilding and community activism. Xtime hosts volunteering events to support those in need—and offers lunch to those that participate! Here are some highlights of recent community events.

American Red Cross Donation Drive for San Jose Flood Victims
The San Francisco Bay Area, especially San Jose and South Bay Area, was recently struck with the region’s worst flood disaster in the past 100 years, forcing many residents to evacuate from their homes. Xtime headquarters in Redwood City, California, stepped up immediately, donating 22 bags of clothes, blankets, shoes and other necessary provisions.


Second Harvest Food Bank
Xtime helped pack and sort food for the hungry on multiple visits to the Second Harvest Food Bank in San Carlos, California. Boxes were organized and divided up to head to hungry families in the Bay Area. Xtime was so grateful for the opportunity to lend all of the helping hands needed for such a large operation!

Second Harvest Food Bank

Safe Harbor Shelter Painting Project
Xtime and Autotrader banded together with paint buckets, brushes and rollers to give the Safe Harbor Shelter in South San Francisco a makeover. The shelter, which accommodates more than 100 homeless individuals, got a fresh coat of paint courtesy of our volunteers.

Safe Harbor Shelter

Drive Away Hunger Campaign
From June 19-30, Xtime and Cox Automotive employees will hold take their CAN-do attitude and hold a canned food drive to benefit various food banks in their effort to feed the hungry in our communities.

Want to join? Learn about our culture and opportunities here.